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project: website design


start date: 2/6/2020

end date: 3/3/2020

skills employed: Wix, Photoshop

client: Liam Belgrave, author

purpose: completion of online book selling site


Although most of the groundwork for the website had been completed, the online shopping cart was not functioning. The site also needed to be expanded to better present the content of Liam's book in an approachable form, and it was not yet mobile-ready.


Since designing my first websites in the mid-90's, I have made use of many different design systems and software packages. For most of those years I worked in Dreamweaver, both under the original Macromedia ownership and later as part of Adobe's design suite.

Over time (as I've noticed happens with most software) Dreamweaver became more and more unwieldy. New features and methodologies were being added to the original program with every release, until even simple design operations required too many steps.

I switched my new designs to Adobe Muse for a few years, which was more to my liking - so of course Adobe decided to discontinue it ;) At that point I had already done some new sites on the Wix system, and decided to focus on that approach going forward.

Wix allows me a wide range of design options, including many features that are difficult to achieve otherwise. I like that you can add integrated apps for various purposes with just a few clicks, and their system responds quickly and is very designer-friendly.

I especially like the mobile design features, which eliminate the need to manage and edit two different versions of the same website. Making a completed desktop website mobile-ready is critical for today's increasingly mobile audience, with over half of website traffic now coming from smartphones and portable devices.


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